The Brewer’s Archipelago and Distillery Islands, 2015

[The interactive map is not currently available. It was hosted on an older mapping service, which has now been sunset, but I hope to bring it back.]

Ongoing project: a map of DC’s distilleries and breweries. At least ten new distillers and brewers have opened shop in the District within the last few years. The brewpubs can operate in commercial districts, but the other producers have fewer options.

Zoning regulations restrict breweries and distilleries to sites that are designated for manufacturing. DC has little industrial land, and the remaining areas are increasingly lost to redevelopment. It’s almost as if these establishments can only open on tiny, shrinking islands.

Draft map of DC's alcohol producers, showing only areas designated for industrial uses under the 2006 Comprehensive Plan. Data from DC GIS/self. Two of these establishments have not yet opened as of August 2015; one recently closed.

A more conventional representation. Draft map, showing breweries and distilleries against a background of the whole city. Data from DC GIS/self. (larger)

See also February 2014 version of these maps.