NYC Subway Elevated Structures

Larger map

Maps of elevated structures on the New York City Subway. This is just a very first version that needs to be checked.


Jamaica Line (J/Z/M) and Broadway Junction.


Connections between Manhattan, northern Brooklyn, and southern Queens.

The City of New York provides a layer for transportation structures but doesn’t differentiate between subway elevated lines, road bridges, footbridges, and tunnel bellmouths. I isolated the structures that roughly correspond with subway trackage. The major areas of elevated track are correct, but short segments might be missing, and some of the structures shown are road bridges.


IND Church St. line (F/G) crossing the Gowanus Canal (see the Carroll St. Bridge).

I’m using subway route data from Steven Romalewski, who converted MTA GTFS data into shapefiles.

See on Elevated Sections of the Subway.