GDES-220 fall 2016 · American University Design
Instructor: David Ramos (

Build a website for a hypothetical conference about technology, design, and society. Aim to create a site that would convince a potential audience member to attend. Consider navigation, user experience, typography, image choice, and the value of templates and shared stylesheets in web development. Think of this website as a single system, built from many smaller and reusable parts.

Photo of globe sitting in a window

Website specifications




For due dates, see the course schedule. Sketches may be done on the computer, or may be carefully drawn by hand.

The conference

Date, location, and audience

The conference lasts from Friday 13 January 2017 through Sunday 15 January 2017. Events should take place in Washington, D.C. at your choice of venue or venues. (Consider an educational institution or a major hotel.) You may choose audience and other details as you wish.

Possible topics

Choose one of these topics, combine topics, or propose a conference of your own.


Your conference must include at least seven speakers from this list. You may also feature speakers who are not listed.


Conference sites

Notable for design

Consider typography, layout, image use, structure, and pacing.