Material Typography

Winter 2015 · Knowledge Commons DC
Instructor: David Ramos ( )


Bring typography off of the screen and into the physical world. Learn how doing things the hard way — by working with materials that you can touch — will help you make more memorable and more resonant type. We’ll make type using unconventional materials, grappling with unexpected opportunities and limitations, and we’ll move type back onto the screen.

This class is offered through Knowledge Commons DC, and hosted by the Takoma Park NatureLab. (Course page on KCDC.)


This class has one project: make a poster for a book of your choice.


W 25 Feb


  • Introduction

Class notes

For next week

Start the poster project. Bring a series of typographic studies. Can show on screen (please email them before class).

W 4 Mar


  • Talk about posters!
  • More examples
  • Materials exercise

For next week

Bring a poster. Rough but exploratory is better than something polished that you already knew how to do.

Class notes

From class discussion and followup:

W 11 Mar


  • Look at posters!
  • Exercise: “Yes, anything can become type”