Interactive Web Design I · DM2280B spring 2013 · Corcoran College of Art + Design
Instructor: David Ramos alberto_ramos@corcoran.edu

Build a small website for an event that interests you. This project involves the design of system of parts, with many pieces that support a single design concept. Explore ways to make individual pages stand out, but only after you have constructed the fundamental system, and working within the framework that you have constructed.

Begin by framing your question: define, for yourself, what the site needs to convey, and to whom it needs to speak. Consider the nature of the event, and the site’s audiences and their expectations. Move into a research phase, gathering information about your event, related events, and websites that might inform your decisions. Begin to design the site, starting with offline sketches and studies for concepts, and moving to static wireframes/comps. Finally, produce the site in HTML/CSS, testing for browser rendering.

The project will be easiest if you choose a real event, and one that is not too large.




19 Feb. Start project. Select an event and begin research.

26 Feb. Present research about your event, including background information and images.

5 March Present design concepts, bringing sketches for at least three approaches. Show proposed front and inside pages; and color, image, and type choices. Also present two site maps.

12/26 March Refine designs and begin HTML/CSS development.

2 April Present finished site with working HTML/CSS and images.


20%	Usability of site structure and navigation
20%	Visual design, page layout, typography, and readability
20%	Use of templates and standardized code
40%	HTML/CSS quality; correct use of tags

Published 2013-02-19.